Coverage & Costs

Healthtopia Clinics is committed to providing thoughtful, comprehensive care at an affordable cost.. We accept insurances, provide urgent care and naturopathic services at competitive self-pay rates, and offer a cost-saving membership program.

We currently participate in the following insurance networks:

  • Aetna PPO & HMO
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO & HMO
  • Blue Shield of California PPO & HMO
  • Cigna PPO & HMO
  • Medicare PPO
  • United PPO & HMO

We are in the process of joining additional insurance networks. Please call us with any questions regarding coverage.

Pricing Menu



Simple: $119
Complex*: $169
Add-ons: $20-40

*Includes 2 add-ons


(Under 18)

Simple: $99
Complex*: $129
Add-ons: $20-40

*Includes 2 add-ons

Medical Membership

Save on healthcare costs with our monthly medical membership program!

By paying a small fee each month, you’ll gain access to unlimited $20 visits at our clinic. Unlike an insurance plan, there are no high deductibles or expensive premiums – just a simply monthly payment for ongoing access to great care. Check out membership pricing below, and call us with any questions!

Individual Membership: $60/month
Family Membership (up to 4): $100/month
Additional family members: +$20/month

All add-ons are $20 each under the medical membership program. Add-ons include labs, x-rays, splints/orthopedic equipment, procedures, etc.